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[30 Apr 2006|06:04pm]
My journal has been compromised.
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Done with McDonald's... [27 Apr 2006|06:38pm]
Well, I turned in my uniforms and got my last cheque today. I saw another employee who recently also got fired/quit sitting in his car in the parking lot reading his cheque...he must have turned in his uniforms right before I did. A guy whom I always liked working with was mumbling in disbelief as I turned in my uniforms. Someone else could be heard asking if I had left as I left.

With Josh, he just took my shirts, told me to keep in touch, and I left. There wasn't much to say. My missing 11 hours were on this cheque as well. And now, as I have asked myself several times mentally: "What the HELL am I supposed to do now?"

And now I need to keep applying...keep working...keep my hopes up...

It's "nice" to be done with McDonald's...but not this way.
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Stolen from Melissa [27 Apr 2006|06:33pm]
This really shows how I've moved around so much. Interestingly, I would have thought that I would have had more "Dixie" since I've lived here for such a comparitavely long fraction of my life.

Your Linguistic Profile:

35% General American English

30% Yankee

15% Dixie

10% Midwestern

10% Upper Midwestern

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I showed up to work and there was no work to do??? [25 Apr 2006|08:20am]
Well, Sunday afternoon I lost my job. Not officially, but I really did. I showed up to work, and right as I was getting out of my car, my boss pulled into the parking lot. He talked to me outside and alledged some really stupid bullshit that I'd rather not discuss. But basically, I am "untrustworthy" and I am suspended for a week. I'm not going back. I'm going to drop my uniforms on the counter when I get my cheque, and then I am going to be done with McDonald's forever. At least that franchise.

EDIT: I have my last cheque and now can unfriend this.
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I showed up for school and there was no school to show up to! [22 Apr 2006|09:21pm]
Went to school today, waited outside class and the teacher never came! One other student showed up, played some game on his phone with the sound turned up for about 30 mins., and then he left. I did soon after. However, I really like the decoration in the J building. The late 70s-early 80s...everything's too cold and anaceptic today. Plus the buildings SCC redesigns don't have chairs in the hallways.

That's a couple gallons of gas wasted. Sadly, it's not the first time it's happened with this B TERM class. It would suck if I showed up to take the exam and the teacher wasn't there.

In other news, does anyone find it sad that as soon as 6-7 years ago, new episodes of Mad About You were still coming out...and now it's on Nick at Nite?
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[18 Apr 2006|02:47am]
found two millers under my bed that have been there foireever
a en't been this drunk in a lomng time
I Usufe don'twanna come down from this
I love being druuuuuunnnnnkkk
love love love it
shuit coining down
And on east beer
Anmd no wqay I woud drive a car like this
don't wanna come down
Maybe time ti piss andf to go to bed
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[18 Apr 2006|02:04am]
had a shitty night at work, so I got drunk by drinking a whole six pack...and now I fell like I';m, gonna puke...yet I wanna stay drunjk
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RIP Shoes, and other stuff [15 Apr 2006|11:22am]
My kittycat Shoes had to be put down Monday, April 10, 2006 due to rapidly advancing kidney failure. Soon as his happened, my mom put away/threw away anything that had been associated with the cat, and thus, it feels somewhat unreal that I ever even had a cat. There's virtually no evidence of his presence left...it's just...weird...

Nothing else in life is new...it's all the ssdd.
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SHIT! [08 Apr 2006|09:48am]
I just spent 30 minutes working on an assignment. Then I deleted it.
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April fools! [01 Apr 2006|10:05am]
Ironiclly, I think I may be on the road to failing basic computers class! The class basically deals with microsoft office, and while I can write a killer make script, and have totally mastered the bash shell, I cannot to intermediate tasks in M$ word.

Partially this is because I shunned M$ office a couple years ago in favour of OpenOffice.org, and partially this is because I simply don't need to create pretty memos within a word processor.

EDIT: I hate using a mouse, and I love how M$ is trying to make me learn how to use their products without touching the keyboard.
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Coast 2 Coast AM scares the shit out of me! [28 Mar 2006|03:25am]
I used to listen to that show literally every night and now I can't take five minutes. They were talking about shadow people and half people. Maybe it's just that particular topic, as I used to see them...but yeah, now I'm in "horror movie mode", too fearful to move and having an insane compulsion to turn on all the lights in my house and the houses of several of my closest neighbours...

And, I'm officially 21 now...Or, as of 2:22pm CST (I was born in Dallas), and have made my official first purchase of alcohol. At a Sunoco in the ghetto after dark, with a bunch of those people that you only see in the ghetto loitering outside, and a bulletproof cage around the clerks. Just a 6-pack of Corona. They didn't give me a reciept, though. I still have the reciepts from my first purchase of gas for my car when I got my license, and my first legal purchase of cigarettes on my 18th birthday, but I have no souvinour for this (last) milestone. :/

My birthday was nice, I got the day off from work, and they gave me a really nice cookie cake!

I went to Cheesecake Factory with my folks and my Mom's friends from Mn for lunch, which was alright. And I've had the house to myself for a week, which can't get any better.

When I turned 18, I got off work at midnight of my birthday, and so I decided to see who would sell me cigarettes just after midnight when I turned 18. Dodge's Store wouldn't. The 7-11 by work told me I legally had to wait 24 hours, just in case I was born after midnight. Finally, at the second 7-11 I tried, I was able to explain to a clerk about how, under the eyes of the law, I turned 18 at midnight. And I got my two packs of Winston. But, no story this time. Just a simple beer purchase.

Oh well, I'm off to bed.
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Saga of the Taurus, pt. II [20 Mar 2006|11:51pm]
My Taurus is dying...slowly. Two weeks ago, a tranny cooler line blew, and I essentially drove the car out of fluid. Stupid move on my part, I know...especially knowing what peices of shit AXODs are, and while the car still moves just fine, I know I'm going to need transmission work soon. Reverse is still torquey as ever, however, I can tell I burnt the forward clutch. It's taking more effort to attain and maintain momentum at low speeds, and I think I fucked something in the valve box up too, because the 1-2 shift feels delayed.

Knowing how much transmission work usually costs, my bull might not see the end of the year. :(
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WORST DAY EVER [12 Mar 2006|06:07am]
Yes, march 11, 2006, was the worst day in a long time. It starts out with me having gone to sleep about 3am, getting up at 6:30am thinking I had school at 8am. So, it took 15 whole minutes, but I dragged my ass out of bed, shitted, showered, shaved, and then headed off to school. Then, I set out to find where my first class was at. I knew it was in the J building, but nothing else. I walked onto campus, and one of the first people I saw today was John Delgado. He was the first to inform me that most of the power to the campus was off so that they could do some major HVAC overhaul. Apparently the J and L buildings were the only with power.

I decided to have a cig, and walked up to the J building, finished it off, and then walked inside, and saw a number of people sitting on the chairs on the wall of the corridor as soon as you walk in the main enterance. I asked what class they were waiting for, one girl said "Not whatever you're looking for!" and they all burst into laughter. I learned that they were nursing students waiting for a respratory support class. Assholes.

All the classrooms had the lights off, and while I walked around aimlessly, my cell phone rang. It was my boss, who quickly screamed at me for not getting the correct paperwork from the electrician last night, and that the invoice wasn't what the fire marshall wanted. He then hung up. I lit up another cigarette.

The only room that had anything of value on the door said to go to J111. Some instructor with a medical terminology class had hijacked the room (without permission) to hold class in. This is when I sat at a computer and found out class was at 9:30 rather than 8.

So, I sat in the pavillion, watching that TV that is perpetually tuned to CNN, and chainsmoked while I watched a "weekend edition" show doing a feature on lung cancer. Finally, 9:30 came around and I headed into class. The instructor locked our screens and showed us the syllabus. Blah. But after only 75 minutes of tedium, we got out. :)

So, I went home, where I tried to eat a microwave pizza and got sick. My stomach hurt, and I thought eating would help it. Boy was I wrong. Then I went back to school, where I had another class with the same instructor, and basically spent an hour watching the same presentation. Only, at a different time and with different people around me.

I then went home briefly, and then went to work 90 minutes early. Here is where the day went from blah to mother-fucking-shitty. First, my boss told me that he had schmoozed with an MCD officer, and the electrical problem was radioed out as a fire. I explained exactly what I said over the phone. In a very nice and condescending way he said I was full of shit. He basically called me full of shit and said he was "embarassed" to have had me working that night. Then a little bit later, he told me that rather than allowing me to close an hour early due to the fact that I had 2 minors closing, he told me to let them off an hour early, and then to send the grill closer home at close and close the entire store myself. This was my "punishment" for calling the NON-EMERGENCY fire number at HIS ORDER last night. Then I learned that this might be my new closing procedure every night I close.

Then, an employee who works tommorow came by, tried to cover his shift, he then told me I had to work for him. I explained it was his job to cover it or work it. He then said if they called he'd say I would work for him. Shit. Oh well.

Closing the whole store was fun. It took just about 5 hours. Fuuuuuun.

So here I am, I've been awake for basically 24 hours, my folks come back today, I have to clean the house, I've barely eaten shit in the past 36 hours, and I want to have a workout today, my first complete day off in I don't know how long...

The best part is that my boss says he understands how things could have "gone wrong" because "you're young." Bullshit. I explained the curcut panel situation EXACTLY as it was. If the operator of the NON-EMERGENCY number mis-intrepreted it, then that's her problem not mine. I did what he said and called the non emergency number to "calm the crewpeople", and look what happened. So, if this ever happens again, I'm going to let the fucking store BURN DOWN, and then piss on the ashes. Seriously, unless I see flames I'm not calling anyone. Heat and smoke or no heat and smoke.

Fuck it. I'm dying without sleep...
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[11 Mar 2006|01:11am]
You gotta love it when there's almost a fire at work.

The story: So, I turn the lights on as it's about to get dark. Soon thereafter, we smell burning electronics. Feel the breaker box, and one dual-pole breaker is almost too hot to touch. We cut that breaker and that's that. Figure there's an electrical short. Then, the wall behind the panel gets hot and the breaker gets hotter. My boss told me to call the non emergency number for the Maitland FD to "calm the crewpeople."

Now, in late 2004 an identical thing happened with another breaker, except that breaker actually MELTED inside the box. The MFD sent out a pickup with a couple of fire officials, they looked at the box, and made sure the breaker wasn't supplying power, and then they left. It took over a month before the melty-breaker was replaced.

I called the non emergency line, and was transferred to a dispatcher. I explained the problem and she said someone would be out shortly. Very shortly thereafter she calls me back and "advises" that I evacuate the building. At this same time, I hear a growler siren and see an MFD engine coming in our direction. The engine and a bus park in our lot, and several firefighters, in full gear complete with axes run inside and tell us to evacuate. 8 emergency vehicles responded. 4 MFD engines, a bus from Maitland, the MFD chief, and an engine from Casselberry and OCFD. They broke the glass on our emergency power cutoff.

After about 30 minutes, they allowed us inside to clean up and close, and stuck around providing light off a generator on their engine. My boss called an electrician. The electrician came by, and they powered the building back up by duct-taping a wood chip on the emergency cutoff button. This is when people began to pull into the parking lot, and ignored the fact that the store was empty and the fire truck in the parking lot and were pissed when I told them we were closed and had had a fire. I was amazed when some lady walked up to an empty store, with a fire truck in the parking lot, with the whole crew sitting outside, and was pissed off at me when I said nonchalantly that we had a fire.

But, everything is alright now, except for the shunt trip still having a wood whip taped in it. Oh well.
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Saga of the Taurus [04 Mar 2006|01:10pm]
So, due to the fact that that a couple of lights in the dash had burnt out, I decided to replace all the backlighting/warning light bulbs in the Taurus. Given this car's maintenence history, it's doubtful something like this was ever done, and I figured that it's probably not a good idea to keep driving around with 17 year old bulbs in the dash. Now, I had never really thought about what lit up the lights in my dash until a buddy of mine had his shitbeater 77 Merc 240D sieze up on him because he had lost oil pressure and the oil light was burnt out. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me, so I got to work on it.

In the owners manual, it lists the bulbs taken by all of the lights in the vehicle, including (interestingly) all the lights in the dash and cluster. This is surprising because usually owners manuals make no mention of such things because they want the owner to go to a dealer for PM/repairs. So, I bought a few light bulbs, sat on them for a few days, and then got to work on the project.

The dash pad in my Lumina pulls off eaisly and as one single unit, the major difficulty in pulling it is there's this little storage cubby right next to the driver's door that is integral to it, and you have to pull it out far enough for this cubby to clear the actual dashboard housing as it rubs against the tilt wheel lever. But it's not too hard to pull off. If only the dashboard assy in the Taurus could be so easy. There's actually three dash pads, held in with metal clips that are shaped like christmas trees, but aren't connected at the end, so if you try to put the panel on crooked, you bend the clips and the whole thing is totally useless. Also, to take the upper dash pad off, you have to remove the ignition lock cylinder and pull the steering column halves. This is, naturally, a PITA. Also, the dash pad is held in additionally by the part of the headlight switch immediately behind the knob (the part that says "OFF/Park/Head") and a large nut.

So, I finally get the dash off, and change out the bulbs in the HVAC controls, and then get to work taking the cluster out. This also, is a PITA, because you have to remove all the surrounding pieces (including the shift indicator) before you can pull the cluster. Also, to be super annoying, the speedometer is cable driven, so you have to disconnect the speedo cable from under the hood in order to get enough slack to pull the cluster out and disconnect the speedo cable from the back of the cluster. So, pull the cluster, take it out, and realize I only needed about half the 194 bulbs that I did because this car doesn't have any of the optional warning lamps (the "LAMP OUT" light, etc.). Yet, for cheapness of construction, the cluster is built to be like it has all the lamps, and then a printed circut board is screwed to the back and the bulb sockets installed above that. You can still see the other lights by shining a flash light to the back of it. So, changed the bulbs, put everything back together (which is also a PITA), and then get to trying to reconnect the speedo cable underneath the hood.

Can't do it. I just cannot reinstall the clip for the speedo cable. So I gave up and decided to try my luck later. Two days later. Still can't do it, and I knew my folks were coming home, so I packed everything up, put the car together the best I could and drove it to work. With no speedometer.

So I got desperate and posted my problem to the Taurus Car Culb of America forums and someone told me to shove the cable in and just bend a paperclip around it. It worked like a charm. Almost on cue, as soon as the speedo was working, the power steering fluid started leaking like a Siv.

And, to continue my nickname of "the ripper" for snapping a spark plug in half once, I seem to have broken the left hand lower dash pad (bent the clips all to hell), and everything powered by one fuse doesn't want to seem to work! The fuse is good, but the accessories powered by the fuse just don't want to work.

The car without a dash:

Closeup of the cluster/column:

All the tools and junk sitting in the passenger seat:

Look how bright the new lights are!
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Interestingly, this is usually what I smoke [04 Mar 2006|01:08pm]
Take the quiz:
What kind of cigarette are you? (pics)

Swisher Sweet
You're Swisher Sweet! Very traditional old style cigarettes... a cigar taste that leaves most gasping for air...

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

EDIT: Got sick of these and switched to Lucky Strike. Now I've switched to Marlboro reds because they simply taste better.
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[11 Feb 2006|02:11pm]
Another funny story from work last night: this 16 year old girl was in the window, and apparently some guys in their car liked her looks--trouble was she wasn't paying them any attention at the moment. So, they threw TRASH INSIDE HER WINDOW to get her attention, and proceeded to ask her out. I wish she'd told me about it when it happened. There's a nuce (usually full) trash can right underneath the window so I could return the favour. >;)
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[02 Feb 2006|05:27pm]
Taking that HS survey got me thinking of all the people I went to HS with and have since lost touch with (nearly all of them), and so I got to doing some myspacing and found many of them. It's somewhat amusing how "worldly" the people who WERE ultra-ultra-pious have become.
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Does anyone know? [31 Jan 2006|11:10pm]
Can anyone tell me who did a particular remix of Psykisonik-Silicone Jesus? The mix can almost be considered like an "unplugged" version of the song. It's got a lot less "edge" (idk how to describe it)...

Does anyone know who did this mix and what it's called?? I got the MP3 off limewire but there's no help either in the filename of the meta info.
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[31 Jan 2006|09:34pm]
High school survey.Collapse )
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