Done with McDonald's...

Well, I turned in my uniforms and got my last cheque today. I saw another employee who recently also got fired/quit sitting in his car in the parking lot reading his cheque...he must have turned in his uniforms right before I did. A guy whom I always liked working with was mumbling in disbelief as I turned in my uniforms. Someone else could be heard asking if I had left as I left.

With Josh, he just took my shirts, told me to keep in touch, and I left. There wasn't much to say. My missing 11 hours were on this cheque as well. And now, as I have asked myself several times mentally: "What the HELL am I supposed to do now?"

And now I need to keep applying...keep working...keep my hopes up...

It's "nice" to be done with McDonald's...but not this way.

I showed up to work and there was no work to do???

Well, Sunday afternoon I lost my job. Not officially, but I really did. I showed up to work, and right as I was getting out of my car, my boss pulled into the parking lot. He talked to me outside and alledged some really stupid bullshit that I'd rather not discuss. But basically, I am "untrustworthy" and I am suspended for a week. I'm not going back. I'm going to drop my uniforms on the counter when I get my cheque, and then I am going to be done with McDonald's forever. At least that franchise.

EDIT: I have my last cheque and now can unfriend this.

I showed up for school and there was no school to show up to!

Went to school today, waited outside class and the teacher never came! One other student showed up, played some game on his phone with the sound turned up for about 30 mins., and then he left. I did soon after. However, I really like the decoration in the J building. The late 70s-early 80s...everything's too cold and anaceptic today. Plus the buildings SCC redesigns don't have chairs in the hallways.

That's a couple gallons of gas wasted. Sadly, it's not the first time it's happened with this B TERM class. It would suck if I showed up to take the exam and the teacher wasn't there.

In other news, does anyone find it sad that as soon as 6-7 years ago, new episodes of Mad About You were still coming out...and now it's on Nick at Nite?

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found two millers under my bed that have been there foireever
a en't been this drunk in a lomng time
I Usufe don'twanna come down from this
I love being druuuuuunnnnnkkk
love love love it
shuit coining down
And on east beer
Anmd no wqay I woud drive a car like this
don't wanna come down
Maybe time ti piss andf to go to bed

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had a shitty night at work, so I got drunk by drinking a whole six pack...and now I fell like I';m, gonna puke...yet I wanna stay drunjk

RIP Shoes, and other stuff

My kittycat Shoes had to be put down Monday, April 10, 2006 due to rapidly advancing kidney failure. Soon as his happened, my mom put away/threw away anything that had been associated with the cat, and thus, it feels somewhat unreal that I ever even had a cat. There's virtually no evidence of his presence's just...weird...

Nothing else in life is's all the ssdd.

April fools!

Ironiclly, I think I may be on the road to failing basic computers class! The class basically deals with microsoft office, and while I can write a killer make script, and have totally mastered the bash shell, I cannot to intermediate tasks in M$ word.

Partially this is because I shunned M$ office a couple years ago in favour of, and partially this is because I simply don't need to create pretty memos within a word processor.

EDIT: I hate using a mouse, and I love how M$ is trying to make me learn how to use their products without touching the keyboard.